About Josh Who

Josh was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. His parents both worked full-time, his mom an administrative assistant at a local college and his dad a self driven entrepreneur. They worked very hard to pay the bills and eventually buy Josh a guitar at age 8. He immediately took to the instrument and began writing and recording his own music. After years and years of trying to get the right group of people together to form a band, he decided the only way for him to get out his music in a manner that he was satisfied with would be to record himself. He took out a loan and purchased drums, a bass, amps, and professional recording equipment to record his first album “Demonstration Tape”. Josh was signed to EM Media Studios record label in March of 2020 and has won the labels ‘artist of the year award’ for his performance on his new single ‘Perfect’ (available on streaming services August 21st, 2020). Listen to his latest album below!


Latest Release

Take a listen to Josh’s newest album ‘Demonstration Tape’ below. Also available on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music and Amazon Music. Demonstration Tape is a collection of original music entirely written, recorded and produced by Josh. It features guitar driven riffs with a tiny dash of psychedelic tones. If you like catchy choruses and ‘stuck-in-your-head’ hooks, then you’ll love this latest release.

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Josh Who Live
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Get to Know Josh

Click below to listen to an interview with Josh where he talks about his influences, guitars and what he’s looking forward to in the future. This interview was provided and sponsored by the CCM group.

Josh Who in the Press

Recently Josh has been featured in several news articles and music blogs for the release of his latest album ‘Demonstration Tape’. Take a look below for some of the most popular articles that have been released about Josh.

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Tour Show Dates

Due to COVID – 19 all tour show dates have been temporarily cancelled. We are working hard with every venue to determine when we can get back on the road and start playing live shows again. As you know, each city has their own rules and phases that we and the venues have to adhere to. For now, stay patient and stay safe and trust that as soon as we can get back in front of people, we will. In the mean -time stay up-to-date with Josh by following him on social media.







For more information on marketing, partnerships or to schedule a show please contact Ryan Seyfried (Josh’s Manager) at Ryan@emmediastudios.com